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Cover Care

Cold Weather Car Storage


If you have not already done so, when the icy roads and snow has arrived, many people will want to put their car away for the winter until the better weather arrives in the spring.  By following a few simple rules it is easy to ensure that your car is prepared for its winter holiday in the best possible way.  This will ensure that when spring arrives your car will be in tip top condition and will be ready to hit the road again. 

Rule 1:

Cleaning and Polishing: First and foremost the most important thing you can do before storing your car is to clean it thoroughly both inside and out, including the wheels.  Ideally this should involve more than a basic hose down but this will be better than nothing.  Included in the Classic and Performance Car Covers Car Care Kit, is a shampoo for removing all mud and grime and a pre wax cleanser.  Using the pre wax cleanser removes all remaining dirt leaving the body work ready for a new layer of wax and then polish. 

Rule 2:

Covering the vehicle: Now that the car or bike is perfectly clean and beautifully polished the next thing to do is to cover it to ensure that it remains in its perfect condition over the winter.  The options for car covers run far and wide and vary depending on whether you are planning to store the car inside, in a car port or outside fully exposed to the elements.

Indoor car covers – there are three options here but the most important element is to ensure that the fabric is breathable.  Our fully customised indoor car cover is made out of a cotton acrylic.  This fabric is breathable, extremely soft, and stretchy to give a perfect fit.  In fact when they are made the fabric is cut a little smaller than the car to ensure a snug fit.


If you do not want to go to the expense of the custom made covers our Soft Indoor Car Covers do exactly the same job as the Custom Made covers; they come in 7 different sizes, they are fully breathable, shaped to the car but not fully bespoke to each individual car.  The semi fit design means that the covers often fit a range of cars and are easier to put on and take off.  They also have the benefit of being treated with scotch guard which will ensure that any drips of water will roll off the cover and not be absorbed.  This is particularly useful in garages that have the occasional leak.

Finally our Lightweight Breathable car cover is fully breathable allowing it to be used both inside and out.  These are particularly suitable for garages that are not completely enclosed or weatherproof.  The fabric is a tri-layered material which makes it weather proof whilst retaining its breath ability.  These covers are available in both a bespoke option, Custom Made Lightweight Car Cover, and a semi fit.

Outdoor Car Covers – there are two options. As described above our Lightweight Breathable car cover is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  However if the car is to be stored outside for longer periods of time we would recommend that our Heavy Duty Car Cover is used.  This is a much stronger and more robust cover which is 100% waterproof, has a soft inner and allows air to circulate through a vent on the front.  This cover must only be used outside and on a car that is 100% clean and dry. 

Rule 3:

Protecting the battery: In addition to covering your car whilst it is stored in your garage there are other things that can be useful to keep your car in the best condition.  Historically batteries were disconnected whilst the cars were out of use, however this can be difficult and not particularly easy in some modern cars.  A battery charger was nearly always needed to start the car after a period of non use and these have now evolved into the more user friendly Battery Conditioners/ Chargers.  In recent years these have become a must have option for all cars out of use.  After a great deal of trial and error we finally settled on the CTEK Battery Conditioner and this product has developed quite a following.  The emphasis is on the word conditioner, this means that the battery is maintained at its optimum level, not over charged.  The CTEK Battery Conditioners/ Chargers are easy to use and come with both crocodile clips and permanent fixings as standard.  In addition a cigar plug adapter is also available.

Rule 4:

Optimising Storage Facilities: Dehumidifiers– these are an ideal addition for a non heated garage where moisture in the air is an issue.  These come with a built in tank with auto cut off when full or a continuous drain option 


Other options: If all of this seems like a lot of work or you are looking for is somewhere to store your car we are able to offer a full storage option for any vehicle at our Car Storage Facility in Wiltshire, 1 ½ hours from London.  Prices start from £15 + VAT per week and we can offer a full range of services from arranging MOTs to car covers and battery conditioners.

Just get in touch and we can safe guard your vehicle for you. Minimum fuss, minimum cost and maximum protection.

If in doubt, call us on 0191 2368499 (UK) or ++44191 2368499 (worldwide)




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